Stories From  A Falconer 

What does falconry mean to you?

For me falconry has been many things over the years. It has been an occupation which has consumed my thoughts, filled me with dreams and filled me with great sadness too. 

I adore birds of prey. I am in awe of them. To me they are a perfect example of nature at its finest. Being a falconer means a close involvement with these amazing creatures on a daily basis. I set out to hunt with my bird and my spirit soars with it as it commands the sky and takes part in the eternal dance of the hunter and the hunted.

In falconry there is always something more to learn which makes me a student of this ancient art. It is a quest for knowledge that will never end for me. Every year there are new books and new scientific works that reveal greater insights into these birds of prey. Greater knowledge means greater insights which I can use to build my skill sets as I strive to be a better falconer. 

I am doomed to remain fascinated by Falconry, how lucky I am! What a privilege.

Ian Timmins