About The Saskatchewan Falconers Club 

The SFC was formed in 2015 from a group of established falconers of varying levels of experience and widely different backgrounds who were concerned about the future of falconry in the province. Each has a desire to see the age old sport continue and upholds conservation of utmost importance. 

On the 16th of November 2010 UNESCO inscribed falconry onto the list of Intangible cultural heritages of mankind. The inscription reinforces what falconers have been doing for thousands of years and that is teaching and encouraging the next generation of falconers. Without them this ancient art will surely die. 

The SFC takes its responsibilities very seriously in this regard. It has an active Apprenticeship program ready to embrace anyone of any age or gender who is genuinely interested in learning and advancing in falconry.


Further to that the Club takes every opportunity to spread the word and educate the public by speaking and presenting whenever the opportunity arises. 

The SFC sees falconry as not only a way to connect with the land but a way to embrace a heritage that seems to be a dying sport in a modern world. Through dedicated members not only those that are actively flying and hunting their birds but associate members, we desire to see bird populations flourish. We strive to uphold the strictest code of conduct to ensure the health and wellbeing of the birds by following strict government regulations.