The Saskatchewan Falconers Club is a nonprofit association founded in 2015 to insure the future and development of Falconry in Saskatchewan. The SFC supports the preservation of all birds of prey. It sees a good working relationship with Government and other relevant bodies as vital to achieving its aims.


Membership in the SFC is open to all falconers and non-falconers but subject to acceptance by the Directors and Membership.

SFC Membership Categories

Full: Resident Permit holding Falconer. May vote and hold SFC office.

Apprentice: Resident Apprentice Falconer. Not eligible to vote and may not hold SFC office.

Supporter: Non-resident Falconer, non-Falconer and all others. May not vote or hold SFC office.

Non Resident: Non Resident Falconer who is eligible to hold a falconry permit in Saskatchewan.

The SFC’s membership year runs from April 1st through the last day in March of the next year.


Membership dues :


Annual Full and Apprentice Members $ 40 Under 18 years old $ 20

Family with a max of 2 children $ 50.  Add $ 5 each if more then 2 kids.

Support Member $10 

Support Member with SWF Membership $ 25