Code of Counduct 

This code of conduct reflects the standards that members should observe in pursuit of the Sport of Falconry. Members should familiarize themselves with the North American Falconers Association Code of Ethics of which this Club is an affiliate member. 

1. Members will observe the laws, policies and customs of Canada and its Provinces as well as foreign Governments with regard to the taking, possession, import and export of raptors, the taking of quarry species and the right of access to land.


2. Falconry is the traditional sport of taking quarry in its natural state and habitat by means of trained raptors. Members should observe and adhere to this standard. 

3. A Member must uphold the highest standards of welfare, housing and feeding of raptors. The raptor’s welfare must over-ride any other considerations. 

4. Members should always show due respect for all quarry and ensure that it is promptly and humanely dispatched. 

5. Members must always endeavour to promote the welfare and survival of raptors in the wild state. 

6. All Members should ensure that they are using telemetry. It is good practice to use two transmitters whenever possible.


7. Members must respect previously agreed arrangements, where known, for hawking over land when approaching landowners with a view to obtaining permission. 

8. Members must make every effort to ensure a lost raptor’s recovery. 

9. Unwise publicity can bring falconry into disrepute and may embarrass the Club's relations with Government. Please bring all requests for media interviews to attention of the Directors.