Meet The Team

Ian Timmins



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Originally from the UK, Ian emigrated to Canada in 2004 along with his wife Niki and have since adopted Canadian Citizenship. Ian has been involved in hunting and fishing nearly all his life with utmost respect for the land and the harvesting of wild game. Ian took up falconry in the late 1980's and has dedicated a big chunk of his adult life to the sport, both in its pursuit as well as being involved in different falconry organizations concerned with the defence of the sport at a National and International level.


Ian was the Director of the British Falconers Club, Hawk Board Co-ordinator, Falconry Consultant to the Countryside Alliance in the UK and since being in Canada has continued to be actively involved at a Provincial Club Level.


Ian is a mentor to many new apprentices and has a passion to see the age-old sport of falconry continue to thrive in an ever-changing world. 

Dennis Tarr


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Dennis Tar has been with the club for the past 6 years, flying both a Red Tail Hawk and a Peregrine Falcon. Dennis has been interested in birds of Prey ever since he could remember. Much of his childhood was spent watching and learning about these amazing birds. When he discovered there was an actual falconry club he had to investigate further. 

Currently Dennis has a two-year-old female Peregrine named Piper that he got when it was 30 days old. He is driven to see his bird excellent in the hunting field and employs many of the latest training techniques to achieve his goal. 


Dennis lives in Yorkton where he is a Paramedic manager for the Ambulance service. He lives on an acreage with his two children, numerous dogs, cats and birds.  

Dennis is currently building an aviary with hopes to breed the club Peregrine and provide quality peregrines to other club members and the public. 

Jon Cooper


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Jon was born right into the rugged Rocky Mountains, surrounded by snow, a month too early, eager to see the world, in Rocky Mountain House, AB.  From then on, open spaces have been imbedded in his spirit, with lots of room to wander and horses to keep him company. Jon operated and ran a performance horse training business for 10 years in Alberta before the prairies of Saskatchewan called him to be a Police officer in the city of Regina.


Jon has always been fascinated with flight, birds of prey and has just recently joined the SFC as a valued member of the team. He is eager to learn, grow and is the keeper of the clubs Tiercel Peregrine Falcon. 


Jon is an avid hunter and outdoorsman who is passionate to see the youth of today learn and have a deep respect for the land and the wild beasts that roam it.